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Are you ready to . . .

* reduce stress and eliminate its destructive effects

* overcome anxiety and depression

* alleviate migraine, neck, back and knee pain

* find your life purpose and reach your highest potential


Then, how about Reiki Energy Healing for a Better Life?

Our Subconscious regulates 95% of our actions at all times as it retains all of our learned skills (that’s why we never forget to drive or bike), thought patterns, emotional attachments and belief systems. Since the day we are born, we file this information in our subconscious as we experience life per our perceptions.

What is the importance of this knowledge? Well, almost all of our mental and emotional patterns are negative. They are all stored in our subconscious.  Plus, when 95% of our actions are governed by our subconscious, then it’s easy to figure out  why we get stressed, overwhelmed, frustrated etc all the time. Bottom line, “we don’t feel safe”. When we feel down due to these negative emotions, we exhaust our energy (that’s why we feel tired when we are stressed or overwhelmed). It is exactly through this depletion of energy, we lose the strength of our immune system, and get sick.

Since our Subconscious is the director of our life movie, we need to do something to balance our energy and eliminate these negative thought patterns and emotional attachments out of our Subconscious. Reiki Energy Healing directly communicates with Subconscious. That’s why the Reiki Energy Healing is so effective in overturning the limiting life patterns (i.e. stress, depression, migraine, chronic pain, insomnia, lack of fulfillment, you name it)

Reiki Energy Healing gives you the power to balance your energy and empower you with the skills to overcome these limiting patterns by becoming more aware of your life and most importantly how your Subconscious is directing your life.




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